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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ping !!

Einstein: I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots. Was he right?

For once leave your laptop, stay away from your phone, switch off that TV, forget about the world, and just sit with your closed ones, your friends, your family. And I bet you will see a completely different world altogether. A world without the net, the real world.

This all thought came to me, when watching a movie with a friend, I was more on the phone and less with movie. All this leading to my friend snatching my phone away, and quoting the above quote along with a slew of slangs :P ! This made me realize what's all with online stuff, why are we all so much depending on it. It's like we are always busy while being completely free, wasting time. 

In today's world, most of the netizens eat, sleep, talk, chat with laptops, phones, whatsapp etc. etc. around them.  It seems that they are tied to the net, like they have to attach to it. Mobiles have become man's best friend.

Our generation might be last one to have talked with each other on the face, talked about our problems in person, shared our happiness celebrating with friends, and not the phone. Such is the new trend thanks to all the chat clients and social networks, that instead of closing the gaps of friendship, it's just making it bigger. Everyone nowadays plans everything online, from wishing birthdays to celebrating. Interpersonal communication is taking a large step behind, and typing speed is the most important thing nowadays.

Also noticed, it is easier to open up with your problems to a friend online, instead of talking about it. It might be easier to do so, but if someone really wants to tell that person his problems, a pat on the back, or a hug works more wonder than the online chats, the funda lagana. Even just talking one to one, in person is way more helpful than messaging. It takes a lot of courage to speak out to someone in person. But it also halves the grief and doubles the happiness.

I still don’t know why this post, all the thing here is just a personal opinion on my current state of mind, and my current behavior for the past couple of months. I know things above are not much clear, as it is also not clear in my mind :P !  So blogs are there to clear the confusion, so the post I guess :P !

Now, for me at least one thing is clear, that
 I have become a slave of my phone , rather it being mine.

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Asta va Lista!

Couple of months just flew by, it seems like I was in college, and had just got the news of my internship offer, was getting the famous GPLs, and now I am at 35,000 ft. in turbulence, on my return flight. We had worked around 50 working days and I still can’t understand where they went. All in all it was a very fun experience, with the very friendly colleagues at the office and the best CEO anyone can ever have.  The office experience was so great that it inspired me to dream of opening such an office with such a great atmosphere, and one day take interns the same way our CEO had.

Technically learnt a lot, especially how to design and estimate an application. Got my hands dirty with PHP and made a relationship of life with Javascript. From Fuelphp, to Jquery got to learn the importance of frameworks. Got to learn how the clients demand and how what might be simple to implement can get pretty tough in the end. The User Interface is so important that was a very great news for me, as I love to design the frontend of anything. What I developed with my teammate might be very easy, but designing everything from scratch with just the knowledge of the requirements, and everything being left to us was very much educating I shall say. Being involved in a complete project was the best thing in my internship, technically. Coding and programming I say can be learnt anytime in college, but to get a hands on experience in a company on a product based project is I say I was very lucky.

Apart from the technical knowledge, working in a team was very much fun. And also staying in a new city, meeting new people, and chatting with them. Learning from the experiences they had, sharing some of your own experiences. You can’t always learn everything but learning from seniors, their experiences sure does help you see the real world. Yea, I did surely learn a lot about myself in the past couple of months. And proudly would say I helped me a lot, my inner self. I made a very good friend in the summer, a great collection to my trophy cabinet I must say. 

Leaving the serious part behind;

The city, is supposedly the hip town of India, well after all with all the great pubs and the great eateries, I fell in love with the culture here. The language may be alien, but found the people to be very helpful. Bangalore, well the place is an extended college for me, with all the seniors out here, I feel a couple of years younger here, meeting them and remembering the fun we had. From all the night outs, to forcing the seniors to giving me a treat, just like college. Apart from all this Bangalore has so many pubs, that I could just spend my weekends exploring them, and then eating in equally so many eateries. Fell in Truffles and Scottish pub my usual hangout. For the actual bar feeling loved Guzzler’s Inn, truly lovely ambience, especially the music.

The idea of coming back here in a year, with a job, starting our lives here, is so thrilling that you start to feel Bangalore as your own city.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coming back the Bangalore Way!

After being away from the cyber world for more than a year, for various reasons :P , decided to write down again, in my as usual broken English and logic less thoughts.

This summer it was to be Bangalore, and so I thought why not just start with my experience here. The following is the essay, the company CEO, where I am currently an Intern, had asked us to submit this though we forgot to submit , I decided  to post it here;


Bangalore, a city for the youth, has given me a very good exposure both to my technical field and also to my travel experience. The culture of the city is totally youth centered, with the numerous fast food joints and the pubs to hang out in. The traditional culture is also not lost here, there are temples and many a traditional cuisine restaurants.

The fact that Bangalore is the cradle of careers in the IT sector is another advantage. To see so many companies in the IT sector and exponentially more working in those companies, was itself an enriching thought. Though the silicon valley of India, the exposure is just not only limited to the IT sector, but also to various heavy industries, aerospace industries, and of course entrepreneurship.  The most striking thing that I loved in Bangalore is the number new and upcoming companies. Many entrepreneurs come down to Bangalore to kick start their ideas. With so much of exposure this a great place to start one’s professional life.

On the threshold of career choices I think this internship will go a long way to develop a perspective on the kind of work I want to do. Moreover this provides exposure to the real world of application development. Till now, in the 3 weeks that just flew by, we have managed to learn quite a many things, starting from the idea of planning an application, to how understand what the user requires. From hearing about new technologies, to implementing those technologies. Apart from the technical stuff, also enjoying every moment in the office, working as a team, and eating away those chocolates in the fridge. And of course, the lunches with the CEO.

My experience in Bangalore, has been a variety of new adventures in only 3 weeks. Of the high end super powered cars and of the equally great motorcycles. Of the Comic Con India, and of the high end Malls. The fact that this city is in India, seems to be vague when you land up in the much hyped M.G. Road. With so many showrooms of various brands, and the never dying spirit of the crowd, the place has a buzz every time there. With malls dotting the skyline and pubs dotting the ground, the spirit of Bangalore can be seen there.

In the past 3 weeks of experience am loving Bangalore! The prospect of ending up here next year is starting to look good. All in all, a great new chapter in my life.

Well that was formal part of the story, in the 5 weeks that I have been here, the experiences have increased a lot, and so I guess now I get something to bore about in the blog. 

With many a formal and informal experiences, let's just I will be back to haunt everyone.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My IPL Story !

IPL 5,

Eden Gardens.

What started as another season most anticipated matches, the many nervous moments, 100% support to my city and the team , the nervous checks on the score during the exam nights ! The Dada or KKR battle! Couldn't have ended any better than what on 27th May 2012 ( am not just talking of the victory , but more, will there lets first enjoy to that build up)

IPL-5 for me was one hell of journey as was for KKR ! The team rose to greater heights, stood through thick and thin like the Bengal Tigers should ! I on the other visited Eden for the first time ! Had an great night there with friends ! Gave my 1000% for KKR even as we lost that match we didnt lose our spirit ! Our support only grew more !

The match was against Delhi ! And we shouted our hearts out for Kolkata. We may have lost that game, but joy of supporting Kolkata at Eden was much for me ! I put on the golden colors and prepared for the batlled ahead of us !

Also experienced the infamous Mexican Wave of Eden !

With each four and six of KKR we shouted Dilhi Dilhi Bheegi Billi ! and this got even more intense with fall of Delhi wickets !
but soon the situation turned around !
The Eden had gone silent !  Well that's a big issue ! But we ( viz. Me, Bitto and Swami) didn't lose our hopes till the ball was hit !
We just shouted for Kolkata, it seemed that tomorrow we wont be there ! and we were finishing our quota of the IPL that night only !

Praying for the rains to stop !

And the fun part was when the cheerleaders for the DD came ! Swami just started
"Ganpati Bappa Moriya Dilhi Ki Choriya"
as in we were not having enough fun already !

With the first game down the KKR took off  light the rockets !
Slowly and steadily KKR held their nerves !

One great controversial came for me when DADA came to play in Eden ! I was stuck between Kolkata and the man behind my early interest into the sport.
That i was like KKR shuld win but DADA should be MoM !! :P

With all these behind ! The D-day 27th May came !
And what a better way to celebrate the IPL final than being with the full family ! The full family supporting KKR and rooting for it ! cheering for Kolkata  !!

The house wore a gloomy look when the situation was tight ! But as the match neared the end the tension rose too ! and when it comes to cricket i get a lot superstitious ! ( During WC wore the same clothes throughout ) After all that's the religion i believe somewhat ! :P

Someone just hit a six ! 

Tension !

The atmosphere at the house was thrilling ! Everyone was at the edges of their seat !
I forbid anyone leaving their positions (said na i was too superstitious ) when the match was nearing it's end ! But the end came ! And it came estyle :P

With KKR winning all the happiness was restored  !! All went happily to their homes ! and Kolkata got the Cup !

KKR \m/

At the end of the day #ahappyKKRfan :P

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Blitz !!

Life is so fast that it's getting tough to even pause and complete my blog post !

Seems like it was only a couple of days back that the vacations had started. But it's almost a month now and what  I can remember of this month is only a number of TV series and a few movies.  A week long family trip and a couple of get together.

Wanting to write a lot about that family trip; and about the new thoughts and ideas creeping inside my head ! The whole month I spent thinking a lot about myself, about the world, about the ideas I had in my head ! About how the ideas that were trying to crawl their way out of my head.
Finally I think that it's a great idea to start writing rather than just thinking to ! I waste a lot of my time thinking of doing things , rather should concentrate on doing them too.

Wasted a month on thinking now, lets see how I waste the other month of my hols and my life !

I suppose it's time that I came back to the blogging world and try to put some order to the thoughts in my head ! And jot down a couple of them in the cyber world.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A signal to my prof!!

A signal to my prof!!

                          -A  Fucked Up IT 2nd Yr.


Communications IT 402... some say it is the toughest paper of this semester...but for me it's like life or death at this moment.... 

Staring at the notes I feel completely blanked out !! And seem to have forgotten it all... And also lost all my hope
 ( so am watching the Republic Day Parade, it's splendid ryt?... yea aur kuch nahi mila)

My whole mind seems to be wired up and signals are interfering. There is too much noise and attenuation. The distortion and disturbance in the signals is beyond the capacity of my brain.

The mind is telling me to transmit the notes in FM to my brain (less noise better quality signal)  but the heart only is able to transmit in AM ( easier to transmit and receive, greater area of coverage). While the eyes is stuck with DSB-SC signals( requires less power to transmit, so is less tiring for my eyes). 

After all this transmitting and receiving , I have to analyze these damn signals and demodulate them to make something understandable out of the signals I just modulated. 

Analyzing the signals, and the great Fourier uncle with Mathematics Sir ji , come into the whole picture and create a havoc inside me... With all those transformations and properties my mind just 
scrambles all these together to make what I prefer to call "Anda Bhurji" inside my head.

The last thing that I should be thinking actually at this moment , only 10hours before the paper is about all the shit i just wrote... and still am writing. 

Well when a brain is fucked up so much that everything seems fair!! 

Like they say in the marines... It's SNAFU !!

Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.

All I hope that my Communications prof ( who is my HOD also, shit!!) is able to receive all the "DON'T FAIL" signals that I will be transmitting in all the type of modulations tomorrow..!! 

Respected Communications, please don't let that signal die..!

Over and "OUT!! "
A Fucked Up IT 2nd Yr.

It's FUBAR, SNAFU, TARFU all in one go! 

And I am like, BOHICA. 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The night before

She is awesome, cunning, and teasing me more than ever. She is supposedly a match made in heaven for me. Every one, even my family and friends think that we are great together. It's like we compliment each other. Yeah, I agree we have had our times, some great ones i must say, but please don't except anything more from the both of me. 

Recently things have been very complicated, it's all long gone beyond the 
small sweet and simple story of us.

She was so easy to understand, so fun, so understandable. I used to love to play along with her, longed for the puzzles she gave to solve and the best part was that there was a reward too :P . 
Those were some great days, school days, long gone days.

Then came the college days and we sort of parted ways, I started to ignore her, well college brings freedom. Ignorance is bliss they say. I liked that funda, but now I think I am paying for that only. 

It's been almost two years now since we had a great time together, and this time is also not going to be that great either. She already in my nightmares. I thought we would have been past each other by my first year, but fate had something other in store. So we are back again I guess for the full and final time. But it's all so complicated now.

I feel like twitter is also mocking me "What's happening" and  facebook is  teasing me with "what's on your mind"

I mean curse these social sites for wasting so much time. Rather I should have utilized this time with her, also instead of writing all this rubbish I wish read my mathematics book , it would have helped me a lot and would not have found her so complicated and wouldn't have also been writing this blog. All this time i just ignored Maths, supposedly an engineer's best friend, and now such is my condition that I just ruined such a long relation between the two of us, that now "It's complicated". 

So after all this, I think just study rather than think so much :) 

Hmmmm..... !!!

"All this is in my mind, Mr. Facebook", the night before the exam, this "what's happening Twitter sir".

It's Maths that's been screwing me since child......

This all the shit that's in my head the day before the exam,
 and hell, I am supposed to pass this paper.

Every time, the night before Exam is everything apart from study  ...  :( while it should have been the vice-versa.

But the night before is like:
( enlarge to see )

and thus i guess i need to study :(
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