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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Asymptotic M301

"The whole syllabus is feeling like an asymptotic curve to me. I do hope to catch up with it in this lifetime but till then would have to live with the fear of not knowing anything about it."

M301, one of the most dreadful things I have encountered till date in my college life, is the one that is officially standing between a not-so-good semester and a dreadful, supplementary semester. With all due respect to the great mathematicians, I curse this subject. Not a single thing to be understood and yet a lot many things to be learned in the next couple of days. All the differentiation, the integration and the vector are so much complex than before that now the old school mathematics that I once dreaded feels like the best possible friend to me. Wish I could understand all this but as my old habit prefer nagging about things and pondering upon all this than to put some effort into studying the dreaded M301.

And to add the cherry to all this, all we get before this paper is one day off. I don't know what the person planing the semester was thinking.

Well as of now have to study a vast amount of mathematics way out of the normal traffic my brain is used, i.e. calculating the number of likes and notifications on my Facebook account. So instead of writing this blog should  have a pen in my hand , practicing for M301. But alas only if I could have understood this before.

All is this time pass writing best comes to mind when one has no time to waste.

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