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A romantic winter night.The cool winter chill from the window. A slow Elvis number pouring out of the speaker. I  saw her for the first time. She was there perfect amazing beautiful just as i had fantasized. I wasn't expecting her, like , at all. She was way out of my league.

I had dreamt  about her many a times especially in the moments of loneliness and despair. And I wasn't even ashamed. If only I could have her just one time! And now here she was. Mine. In front of me! The very sight of her gave me an adrenaline rush, the best of the dope there ever can be. It was like I was on cloud nine. Heavenly feeling.

We had a long time together. Loads of  memorable time. Some close moments too. Lived together.

But destiny also has its turn. Its sad what life has in store! Life can play with you, with your heart. Life can be rewarding but also cruel! Things that look so good in shape can fall around you like a pack of cards!

We had a lovely time together! Enjoyed the moments we had …

The Kolaveri craze

"Why this Kolaveri di", after listening to this song, for i don't know how many times, still am amazed by it. Seems like such a simple music, easy one to remember guess that's the reason for its success. 
Since it became such a hit thought of sharing a little of it to all from my side too.... :P :P
The whole nation is griped by this kolaveri .  Currently with  20,341,650 views , such a big number that having a hard time counting it. Has  1.6 lakh likes.
The song has become an internet sensation. 
Such is the sensation that the net is now flooding with different versions of the song. Many artists and cult groups are releasing their versions for this song....!!