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The Kolaveri craze

"Why this Kolaveri di", after listening to this song, for i don't know how many times, still am amazed by it. Seems like such a simple music, easy one to remember guess that's the reason for its success. 
Since it became such a hit thought of sharing a little of it to all from my side too.... :P :P
The whole nation is griped by this kolaveri .  Currently with  20,341,650 views , such a big number that having a hard time counting it. Has  1.6 lakh likes.
The song has become an internet sensation. 
Such is the sensation that the net is now flooding with different versions of the song. Many artists and cult groups are releasing their versions for this song....!!

The original song doesn't need any introduction now. Sung by superstar Dhanush for his new Tamil film 3 , this became an internet superhit and an instant success.

Why This Kolaveri Di (Instrumental) cover

KOLAVERI DI English- by Arjun 

The Kolaveri craze has gone international now...!!!
The English  is sung by Arjun ....!!
Myself am liking this version the best ......!! better than the original one .....

KOLAVERI DI Punjabi version !!

 "oh ek kudi"  "tring tring tringa tringa "
The punjabi touch is very punjabi style actually, Very nice attmept... !!

Kolaveri Di Exam version

Exam time is freaking for students, at least for me, and this spoof about what is going on inside the mind of a student while answering the exam paper. And all this gets worse if the invigilator is hot too.

Hello boys !!
I am sing, song
Exam song…..!!
Fail Song…!!
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di
Rhythm correct ?!!!
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di ?
Why this exam very…………………..hard- Di ?
Distance-La  friend-U friend-U
Friend mind sharp- U
Invigilator-u  Hot-u Hot-u
Concentration Diverttt- U
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di
White color-u paper-paper
Paper print-u Black-u
Eyes Question Meet-u Meet-u
My mind-u Blank-u
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di
Why this exam very, exam very, Very hard- Di

Maama, Hall ticket pathonu  ( Brother, take this HALL TICKET)
Anchane, kait’u Cheeti’la pathonu.!! ( Along with it take this CHIT
pa pa pa paaan
pa pa pa paaan
pa pa pa paan pa pa paaan
Sooper maama ready??
Ready, One…Twoo…..Threee…….Four….
Whaa wat a change over maama
Ok maama now tune change-u
Kaila Paper…..!!
Only Englishh
Hand-la Paper…
Paper-la Question….
Eyes Full-a Tear-u
Empty brain-u…… Exam come-u
Life-u reverse gear-u
Mam-u mam-u…Oh my mam-u
You taught me Sum-u
Mark-u Mark-u….Holy mark-u
I want pass mark-u
God-u, I am dieng Noww-u
Teacher happy How-u ?????  : (
This song for students-u
We dont have choice-u
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri dieeeeeeee

Kolaveri Di Chipmunk version

The chipmunk strike again !!

Kolaveri Di bengali version

This could never have become more funny. A bengali version for this song. 
Made a nice stupid copy 

Kolaveri Di Kid Verison

So hooked was Sonu Nigam's Neevan Nigam kid to this song that he finally made his version of the song. And the kiddo has done wonders too. The version is cute and also Naveen has added a twist in the lyrics by making the 'soup' song into a 'milk' song.

Kolaveri Di Female version

The songs was imitated by a number of groups. This is the female version for the song. The song may have some accent problems but the cute girl makes up for it.
Kolaveri Di Gujrati Verison 'Why this Chokri Kharchali'

The hilarious Gujrati spoof of 'Why this Kolaveri Di' 'Why this Chokri Kharchali'. The boyfriend is cribbing how he is over spending on his high-maintenance girlfriend. 

Why this Blackberry di - New Punjabi Kolaveri Version , why this kolaveri di

Well this could never gotten any more funny...!!

Well who thought that now Kolaveri is starting to inspire other songs too.

Hitler Gets Angry about "Why this Kolaveri Di"?

Well not a sing actually rather this is a hilarious spoof video of Hitler where the subtitles explain that Hitler is upset over the runaway success of Kolaveri Di and is arguing with his armymen.

Very funny !!

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