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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A signal to my prof!!

A signal to my prof!!

                          -A  Fucked Up IT 2nd Yr.


Communications IT 402... some say it is the toughest paper of this semester...but for me it's like life or death at this moment.... 

Staring at the notes I feel completely blanked out !! And seem to have forgotten it all... And also lost all my hope
 ( so am watching the Republic Day Parade, it's splendid ryt?... yea aur kuch nahi mila)

My whole mind seems to be wired up and signals are interfering. There is too much noise and attenuation. The distortion and disturbance in the signals is beyond the capacity of my brain.

The mind is telling me to transmit the notes in FM to my brain (less noise better quality signal)  but the heart only is able to transmit in AM ( easier to transmit and receive, greater area of coverage). While the eyes is stuck with DSB-SC signals( requires less power to transmit, so is less tiring for my eyes). 

After all this transmitting and receiving , I have to analyze these damn signals and demodulate them to make something understandable out of the signals I just modulated. 

Analyzing the signals, and the great Fourier uncle with Mathematics Sir ji , come into the whole picture and create a havoc inside me... With all those transformations and properties my mind just 
scrambles all these together to make what I prefer to call "Anda Bhurji" inside my head.

The last thing that I should be thinking actually at this moment , only 10hours before the paper is about all the shit i just wrote... and still am writing. 

Well when a brain is fucked up so much that everything seems fair!! 

Like they say in the marines... It's SNAFU !!

Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.

All I hope that my Communications prof ( who is my HOD also, shit!!) is able to receive all the "DON'T FAIL" signals that I will be transmitting in all the type of modulations tomorrow..!! 

Respected Communications, please don't let that signal die..!

Over and "OUT!! "
A Fucked Up IT 2nd Yr.

It's FUBAR, SNAFU, TARFU all in one go! 

And I am like, BOHICA. 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The night before

She is awesome, cunning, and teasing me more than ever. She is supposedly a match made in heaven for me. Every one, even my family and friends think that we are great together. It's like we compliment each other. Yeah, I agree we have had our times, some great ones i must say, but please don't except anything more from the both of me. 

Recently things have been very complicated, it's all long gone beyond the 
small sweet and simple story of us.

She was so easy to understand, so fun, so understandable. I used to love to play along with her, longed for the puzzles she gave to solve and the best part was that there was a reward too :P . 
Those were some great days, school days, long gone days.

Then came the college days and we sort of parted ways, I started to ignore her, well college brings freedom. Ignorance is bliss they say. I liked that funda, but now I think I am paying for that only. 

It's been almost two years now since we had a great time together, and this time is also not going to be that great either. She already in my nightmares. I thought we would have been past each other by my first year, but fate had something other in store. So we are back again I guess for the full and final time. But it's all so complicated now.

I feel like twitter is also mocking me "What's happening" and  facebook is  teasing me with "what's on your mind"

I mean curse these social sites for wasting so much time. Rather I should have utilized this time with her, also instead of writing all this rubbish I wish read my mathematics book , it would have helped me a lot and would not have found her so complicated and wouldn't have also been writing this blog. All this time i just ignored Maths, supposedly an engineer's best friend, and now such is my condition that I just ruined such a long relation between the two of us, that now "It's complicated". 

So after all this, I think just study rather than think so much :) 

Hmmmm..... !!!

"All this is in my mind, Mr. Facebook", the night before the exam, this "what's happening Twitter sir".

It's Maths that's been screwing me since child......

This all the shit that's in my head the day before the exam,
 and hell, I am supposed to pass this paper.

Every time, the night before Exam is everything apart from study  ...  :( while it should have been the vice-versa.

But the night before is like:
( enlarge to see )

and thus i guess i need to study :(
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Single Hour of Hope | @Earth Hour

The Earth Hour Banner!!

Well call it  luck or not but mother nature does reward to good deeds.  Just as we were all prepping up for the Earth Hour, mother earth blessed us with the much longed for "Rain". Its a great feeling after days of scorching heat and makes you remind of how beautiful the nature is.

It was a great feeling to put off the lights in my room and make other do it in our hostel. Just for one hour putting your light off and coming closer to the nature, is a very much refreshing feeling. 

A slurry effect because of the low shutter speed 

A few lanterns from the
lantern making competitiom

The college nature club "Prakriti" organised a candle march for the students and also a lantern making competition for this event.  Just as usual, I was there, with my camera and guess what had a great time!! And got an idea to do my bit in the earth hour, for our nature :  taking pictures and also made video.

I guess every help counts :)

Each candle seemed to me as a ray of hope, a prayer, a gift to the mother, a token of love towards her. Each candle represented us and at that time I got some hope that we were still thinking about our nature, still had some sense to SAVE EARTH.

I plead those people who didn't come that day, or didn't bother to put off the lights, to just think about it, and please see this

That night the hope, a light from within me rose , made me think about our surroundings, our mother Earth. Well I at least started to think, did you?

If just the thought of an Earth Hour, a single hour, on a day, once in a year can help me so much, why can't we have one each month at least ..? Once a month for our mother nature, our precious Earth?

Please spare some moments of your life to just think about your mother Earth too.

I will try my best but please also help me....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans"

My whole gang had BioTech as the  open elective , so I aslo joined them despite the fact that I  loathed biology to the core of my heart as much as I hated Liverpool or Spain (The football team i.e.).

The Biotech experience started off with a couple of  ' GPLs '  ( at the hostel) from my IT mates....!!
The first day of the class itself  I was late and made to sit in the first row. And had a nice sleep.

In the week itself the IT dept made its mark by being called from the last row to the first row for shouting and disturbing in the class, alas  I missed out on that.
The first day of the class I heard something about "thiobacillus ferrooxidans"  and till the end of the syllabus I just know one thing about mineral biotech that there is a bacteria named thiobacillus ferrooxidans, and it is used for some mineral extraction. That was the last day that I had heard anything in class or remember anything about BT-430 syllabus.

We had some great experiences in the BT-30 class which took place in a small classroom a bit
outside the main building.

We had to profs who took the classes. The first one was  Dr. A "ummmm!! " D. sir ( i forgot his full name) and the other was Dr. K. "sir, sir, sir" Aikat. There is some reason to why i gave them such nicknames.

Dr. A "ummmm!! " D. sir,   seemed to me to be as if  in a transfixed position, and say "ummm!!" a lot , while giving notes. The fun part about this prof was he would repeat the line around 4-5 times each time. And as I didn't pay attention I used to write some lines twice also.
I still doubt whether he used to say "ummmm!" OR "yuummm!".

The other prof, who took "3/4" of the classes, was Dr. K. "sir, sir, sir" Aikat.  His nickname came because we just to "sir, sir, sir" him every time as way to convince him, to not to take our classes or to leave us early. Also one particular thing about him, was he remembered most of by name, and his favorite student was S. Chandrasekhar Iyer or our Swami,  the devil's reincarnation (according to Aikat sir, which was quite an accurate observation).

The class timings also were awesome, they started 15 min late and the attendance would take another 10 min. So, in  the end we would start off around 5pm and then by 5:25 all of us would keep shout "Sir, sir, sir" so as to he would leave us early. :)

One of the best memories would have to be Aikat sir, taking attendance and calling Chandrasekhar to which, Swami's reply was:
  "Chandrasekhar is my dad, I am Swaminathan"
to which even the prof couldn't control his smile.  Also there were en number of times, when Aikat sir, caught either one of from our gang for talking in the class.

There was once a case when the prof had finished of dictating notes, but still Prasoon ( Nagraj) was scribbling on his notebook, for quite some time Sir looked at him, but in the end could not understand what the nag was up to.

During the end of the class days, we would all unite in some massti in the class esp, me, the devil , Bittoo, Nagraj and Pali. It was one of the best classes I had ever gone too, full of massti and coupled with full on boring lecture, the last thing we knew was leaching leaching leaching

I myself had some great time with my seat reserved beside the window and the cool breeze with an excellent view to pass off my time...

One day we had our test for this subject, which we all gave with some great team work. I didn't have any freaking idea about the things they asked in the test and my only way to get something was Nagraj, we had great time at the test and thnx to my frndz got out of it quite well. And also thanks to the
Wikipedia team for some great answers..!!!

At the end of the syllabus the whole elective batch had a great reputation in the front of
Dr. A "ummmm!! " D. sir, to this fact we all still how?

But to the other teacher, we were as if
"Good riddance to Bad rubbish". 
I still guess he was only joking about this because we had a time in his classes.

The Lazing March Weather...!!

The March weather is so Lazing .... that i had though of this blog around mid march one afternoon sitting in the boring  BT-430; my mineral biotech elective... well the extent to which i was bored also reflected on my notes and chain of thought. The weather outside was just perfect. It was dusk and the sunset was just romantic. The cool breeze from the window striking me was heavenly. The cool breeze and the topic of bio leaching was just perfect enough to extract every ounce of sleep that I had within me that evening. Just as to divert all my sleep I started thinking, I don't remember what but random thoughts...(may be Bird Watching..   :P )

And just like I wandered off into my world of thought until I heard the class breaking off

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