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Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Single Hour of Hope | @Earth Hour

The Earth Hour Banner!!

Well call it  luck or not but mother nature does reward to good deeds.  Just as we were all prepping up for the Earth Hour, mother earth blessed us with the much longed for "Rain". Its a great feeling after days of scorching heat and makes you remind of how beautiful the nature is.

It was a great feeling to put off the lights in my room and make other do it in our hostel. Just for one hour putting your light off and coming closer to the nature, is a very much refreshing feeling. 

A slurry effect because of the low shutter speed 

A few lanterns from the
lantern making competitiom

The college nature club "Prakriti" organised a candle march for the students and also a lantern making competition for this event.  Just as usual, I was there, with my camera and guess what had a great time!! And got an idea to do my bit in the earth hour, for our nature :  taking pictures and also made video.

I guess every help counts :)

Each candle seemed to me as a ray of hope, a prayer, a gift to the mother, a token of love towards her. Each candle represented us and at that time I got some hope that we were still thinking about our nature, still had some sense to SAVE EARTH.

I plead those people who didn't come that day, or didn't bother to put off the lights, to just think about it, and please see this

That night the hope, a light from within me rose , made me think about our surroundings, our mother Earth. Well I at least started to think, did you?

If just the thought of an Earth Hour, a single hour, on a day, once in a year can help me so much, why can't we have one each month at least ..? Once a month for our mother nature, our precious Earth?

Please spare some moments of your life to just think about your mother Earth too.

I will try my best but please also help me....

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