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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The night before

She is awesome, cunning, and teasing me more than ever. She is supposedly a match made in heaven for me. Every one, even my family and friends think that we are great together. It's like we compliment each other. Yeah, I agree we have had our times, some great ones i must say, but please don't except anything more from the both of me. 

Recently things have been very complicated, it's all long gone beyond the 
small sweet and simple story of us.

She was so easy to understand, so fun, so understandable. I used to love to play along with her, longed for the puzzles she gave to solve and the best part was that there was a reward too :P . 
Those were some great days, school days, long gone days.

Then came the college days and we sort of parted ways, I started to ignore her, well college brings freedom. Ignorance is bliss they say. I liked that funda, but now I think I am paying for that only. 

It's been almost two years now since we had a great time together, and this time is also not going to be that great either. She already in my nightmares. I thought we would have been past each other by my first year, but fate had something other in store. So we are back again I guess for the full and final time. But it's all so complicated now.

I feel like twitter is also mocking me "What's happening" and  facebook is  teasing me with "what's on your mind"

I mean curse these social sites for wasting so much time. Rather I should have utilized this time with her, also instead of writing all this rubbish I wish read my mathematics book , it would have helped me a lot and would not have found her so complicated and wouldn't have also been writing this blog. All this time i just ignored Maths, supposedly an engineer's best friend, and now such is my condition that I just ruined such a long relation between the two of us, that now "It's complicated". 

So after all this, I think just study rather than think so much :) 

Hmmmm..... !!!

"All this is in my mind, Mr. Facebook", the night before the exam, this "what's happening Twitter sir".

It's Maths that's been screwing me since child......

This all the shit that's in my head the day before the exam,
 and hell, I am supposed to pass this paper.

Every time, the night before Exam is everything apart from study  ...  :( while it should have been the vice-versa.

But the night before is like:
( enlarge to see )

and thus i guess i need to study :(
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  1. Earlier Mathematics used to be such a sweet heart...but now it has become a two-faced bitch that haunts u @ the night b4 ur exams and screws u on the exam day :(