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My IPL Story !

IPL 5,

Eden Gardens.

What started as another season most anticipated matches, the many nervous moments, 100% support to my city and the team , the nervous checks on the score during the exam nights ! The Dada or KKR battle! Couldn't have ended any better than what on 27th May 2012 ( am not just talking of the victory , but more, will there lets first enjoy to that build up)

IPL-5 for me was one hell of journey as was for KKR ! The team rose to greater heights, stood through thick and thin like the Bengal Tigers should ! I on the other visited Eden for the first time ! Had an great night there with friends ! Gave my 1000% for KKR even as we lost that match we didnt lose our spirit ! Our support only grew more !

The match was against Delhi ! And we shouted our hearts out for Kolkata. We may have lost that game, but joy of supporting Kolkata at Eden was much for me ! I put on the golden colors and prepared for the batlled ahead of us !

Also experienced the infamous Mexican Wave of Eden !

With each four and six of KKR we shouted Dilhi Dilhi Bheegi Billi ! and this got even more intense with fall of Delhi wickets !
but soon the situation turned around !
The Eden had gone silent !  Well that's a big issue ! But we ( viz. Me, Bitto and Swami) didn't lose our hopes till the ball was hit !
We just shouted for Kolkata, it seemed that tomorrow we wont be there ! and we were finishing our quota of the IPL that night only !

Praying for the rains to stop !

And the fun part was when the cheerleaders for the DD came ! Swami just started
"Ganpati Bappa Moriya Dilhi Ki Choriya"
as in we were not having enough fun already !

With the first game down the KKR took off  light the rockets !
Slowly and steadily KKR held their nerves !

One great controversial came for me when DADA came to play in Eden ! I was stuck between Kolkata and the man behind my early interest into the sport.
That i was like KKR shuld win but DADA should be MoM !! :P

With all these behind ! The D-day 27th May came !
And what a better way to celebrate the IPL final than being with the full family ! The full family supporting KKR and rooting for it ! cheering for Kolkata  !!

The house wore a gloomy look when the situation was tight ! But as the match neared the end the tension rose too ! and when it comes to cricket i get a lot superstitious ! ( During WC wore the same clothes throughout ) After all that's the religion i believe somewhat ! :P

Someone just hit a six ! 

Tension !

The atmosphere at the house was thrilling ! Everyone was at the edges of their seat !
I forbid anyone leaving their positions (said na i was too superstitious ) when the match was nearing it's end ! But the end came ! And it came estyle :P

With KKR winning all the happiness was restored  !! All went happily to their homes ! and Kolkata got the Cup !

KKR \m/

At the end of the day #ahappyKKRfan :P

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