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Well you might be wondering where the hell did I run off too. Yeah its been a while since my last blog. Well lets say was a bit busy with work and some introspection (would try to share some of it later) . Had a lot many things going around my small head to handle. But being busy also taught me many lessons and lol sure did it help me lose some weight. The past couple of months just flew by my life and am still trying catch on with it. Feels like I am in a void. 
The experiences i had (will share them later) sure did help to get to know myself better.And also helped me make a few close friends. Worked  for two fests consecutively and photographed another (to be in further blogs).  Just as the fests were over...the massti got converted to chaap as we have our midsems now. And this is the period (during my exam time) during which I pen down most of my blogs.....dunno wat it is that all the random things are to be done during this period of time...

Oh and did i forget to mention that du…