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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coming back the Bangalore Way!

After being away from the cyber world for more than a year, for various reasons :P , decided to write down again, in my as usual broken English and logic less thoughts.

This summer it was to be Bangalore, and so I thought why not just start with my experience here. The following is the essay, the company CEO, where I am currently an Intern, had asked us to submit this though we forgot to submit , I decided  to post it here;


Bangalore, a city for the youth, has given me a very good exposure both to my technical field and also to my travel experience. The culture of the city is totally youth centered, with the numerous fast food joints and the pubs to hang out in. The traditional culture is also not lost here, there are temples and many a traditional cuisine restaurants.

The fact that Bangalore is the cradle of careers in the IT sector is another advantage. To see so many companies in the IT sector and exponentially more working in those companies, was itself an enriching thought. Though the silicon valley of India, the exposure is just not only limited to the IT sector, but also to various heavy industries, aerospace industries, and of course entrepreneurship.  The most striking thing that I loved in Bangalore is the number new and upcoming companies. Many entrepreneurs come down to Bangalore to kick start their ideas. With so much of exposure this a great place to start one’s professional life.

On the threshold of career choices I think this internship will go a long way to develop a perspective on the kind of work I want to do. Moreover this provides exposure to the real world of application development. Till now, in the 3 weeks that just flew by, we have managed to learn quite a many things, starting from the idea of planning an application, to how understand what the user requires. From hearing about new technologies, to implementing those technologies. Apart from the technical stuff, also enjoying every moment in the office, working as a team, and eating away those chocolates in the fridge. And of course, the lunches with the CEO.

My experience in Bangalore, has been a variety of new adventures in only 3 weeks. Of the high end super powered cars and of the equally great motorcycles. Of the Comic Con India, and of the high end Malls. The fact that this city is in India, seems to be vague when you land up in the much hyped M.G. Road. With so many showrooms of various brands, and the never dying spirit of the crowd, the place has a buzz every time there. With malls dotting the skyline and pubs dotting the ground, the spirit of Bangalore can be seen there.

In the past 3 weeks of experience am loving Bangalore! The prospect of ending up here next year is starting to look good. All in all, a great new chapter in my life.

Well that was formal part of the story, in the 5 weeks that I have been here, the experiences have increased a lot, and so I guess now I get something to bore about in the blog. 

With many a formal and informal experiences, let's just I will be back to haunt everyone.