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About Me!

My pose: Stick out a tongue whenever some ones taking
a pic of you.
This is me with my best friend my Didi.....!!!

Tried a self portrait of myself with  my 2nd Love!!
Hi all,

Am a sagittarian. I love to be jovial all the time. Tend to have a very no chaap attitude towards everything. After all if something has to happen then it will surely happen. We should bother a lot about it.I try to follow this mentality through the most difficult times of my life.
I tend to take things very lightly. Try to keep a happy go lucky kind of atmosphere around me.
Love to watch TV, a sit on my laptop.... :P :P

One my favorite and most serious hobby : 
PHOTOGRAPHY.... Love to take some shots whenever I am free. Holding my camera makes me feel distressed and all happy again.  It is not of the best way to come out of something sad.

 One my favorite thing to do PLAY GAMES!!

Another serious pass time for me is playing games. Both outdoors and on my laptop.....!!!
Gaming keeps me going. Keeps my mind active and me thinking....!!!
Love to play strategy games.....!!!

And outdoors love to play any game you wanna play with me... With soccer being my fav....!